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Introduction to Regulations and Pipeline Construction January 17

While the contractor had lots of experience with sewer and water lines, they did not have any natural gas pipeline construction experience. 

The solution - custom design a private class from avaliable lessons already developed by Pipeline Knowledge, and have it taught at your location.  Tom Miesner taugth the class on January 17.  After the class Tom participated in a project planning meeting for the construction team to heklp them get off on the right foot.

Crude Oil Pipeline Class for Major Gas Transmission Company

A major gas transmission company is developing a crude oil pipeline project.  They understand gas pipelines, but wanted to know more about the peculiaries of the crude oil pipeline business and operations.

The solution - Tom Miesner, Pipeline Knowledge & Development, taught a custom designed class for them on December 20 and 21.  The client and Tom worked together to decide which lessons should be included based on their needs and their employees experience and backgrounds.

Comments from December 5 and 6 Oil and Gas Pipeline Fundamentals Class

This was a great class with lots of questions and discussions.  The day after the class, we received this e-mail from one of the attendees.

Tom - Thank you again for hosting the Pipeline Fundamentals class earlier this week. As a new engineer who just started at _________, I found this to be an excellent exposition to industry and its many nuances. 

Comments from the critique sheets included the following.