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February 20th and 21st Class Comments from Critique Sheets

Ten students attended Oil and Gas Pipeline Fundamentals Februry 20 and 21 in Houston.  Comments from the participants included the following:

  • Wonderfull class!  Thank you!
  • Great videos - gave a good idea of how complet it is to build a facility.
  • Well Explained.  Love all the visuals that help explain better - about Economics.
  • This was excellent.
  • Thank you for explaining DRA ploymers vs vehicles for polymers.
  • I worked under NEPA at the EPA and you did an excellent job of covering it.
  • You made hyraulics simple.
  • Liked the simplicity of laying out the various regulations.
  • I really liked the valuation scoping example.  It was easy to understand.
  • I hope my company can bring this class in-house.
  • The pumps section was great.
  • Great intro to the midstream industry.
  • Loved seeing the examples of pigs.  I have heard a lot about them but didn't know whaqt they were until recently.
  • Love all the pics with labels and links to more info/videos.
  • Good overview of integrity.
  • This is the most info that I have received and learned about corrosion prevention.
  • The types of smart pic technolgies was very useful.
  • I enjoyed the way you laid out the process into steps - gathering, mainline, refinery, delivery, etc.
  • Organization of materials was good.  
  • Really liked thas lesson - about Control Rooms by a veteran refined products controller.
  • Truely appreciate how you explain everything in a nontechnical way.
  • I appreciate how you make comparisoins to everyday products to help in understanding.
  • Enjoyed the video at the end to show everything that is involved and the importance of controllers.
  • Lots of good informaat6ion that I have never heard in my 23 years in the industry.