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December 13th and 14th Class

Tom Miesner of Pipeline Knowledge, LLC taught Oil and Gas Pipeine Fundamentals on December 13th and 14th in Houston.  Commenets on the critique sheets included the following.

  • Thank you for teaching us!  I really have a better understanding of midstream.
  • The videos really helped drive the lesson.
  • MLP was interesting.  I did not know anything about it prior.
  • Pictures and videos helped with visulizing the construction process.
  • The questions on the slides helped with engaging the topic.
  • I liked how you took your videos and used them in the presentation.
  • I liked how you included econ in the class.
  • Excellent materials put together.
  • Pig video was very interesting.
  • Great pictures of valves and coating.  Helps with the understanding.
  • Very good foundational information.
  • Br0ke down concepts that I needed to understand about the industry.
  • You have great history about the industry and give context to how the industry works.
  • Perfect level of detail wtihout going over broad - learned a lot.
  • This is great stuff.  I frequently visit customer sites and now I will know what I am looking at.
  • Information was great for the audience.