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Pipeline Knowledge Teaches Class for Supplier

November 7th and 8th, Pipeline Knowledge taught a customized private class for a major supplier of pipeline drag reducers in houston.  Comments from critiques sheets included the following:

  • Thank you! I learned quite a lot!
  • The animations were very helpful.
  • Examples were very hjelpful.
  • Great case studies.
  • Thanks Tom, I enjoyed your class and gained a lot of new knowledge.
  • Being new to the industry this was a very through class to learn from.
  • Great discussion over the basis of hydraulic modeling and charts.
  • Tom is very knowledgeable about fluid flow in pipelinew.
  • Great case studies!!!
  • Very helpful for visulizing pipeines - I often have to trouble shoot from a distance.
  • Helpful in depth discussion of common filed processing units.
  • I finally learned about scada systems.  Was very helpful as was everthing we covered.
  • Simple examples with out going in to detailed calculation, which is great for beginners.
  • Hydraulics was consice and useful.
  • Very well done and professional.

Instructors note:  This was a customized class which included two topics, Advanced Operational Hydraulics, and Power Optimization, which are not normally incuded in the Fundamentals class.