Pipeline News

November 16 Private Client Class

November 16th PKD taught a customized class for a major natural gas pipeline operator in Houston.  Topics included the following:

  • Introduction to the Natural Gas Pipeline Industry
  • Integrity 1 - What Causes Releases
  • Natural Gas Control Room Operations
  • Scada and Controls
  • US Safety, Economic, and Environmental Regulations
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Rates
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Facility Construction
  • Pipeline Economics

Student comments from the critique forms included the following:

November Facilities Design Class

November 12th Tom Miesner taught the PKD half day facilities design class as part of Clarion Insitute's week long Onshore Pipeline Engineering class.  Topics included the following:

  • Hydraulics Review
  • Equipment and Components
  • Scada and Controls
  • Facility Design
  • Leak Detection

This coures is typically held in Houston twice per year.