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Pipelines 101, 102, and 103 - May 11th and 12th Classes

May 11th and 12th 15 students atteneded Oil and Gas PIpelines 101- Introduction to Oil and Gas Pipelines, 15 students attended Oil and Gas Pipelines 102 - Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction and Economics, and 7 students attended Oil and Gas Pipelines 103 - Oil and Gas PIpelines Technical Topics.  Student comments included the following:

Overall Comments

PKD Now Offers Instructor Led Webex Training Option

Effective May 1, 2016, clients can receive any or all of PKD's pipeline training modules via webex.  It is easy and convenient.  Of course, public and private on site classes are still available as is on-line training through Missouri University of Science and Technology.  By the way, our first training modlue on http://petrolessons.com is now available for preview and will be open for enrolment soon.

How does the instructor lead webex option work?