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Student Feedback re Oil Pipeline Energy Management

A student from a recent class sent his training manager the following critique:

I attended the "Oil Pipeline Energy Management" class as planned. Although the class I registered for is intended for Energy managers and Control room Supervisors, it was of great value to me as a line controller. 

The session focused on Operation optimization for cost effectiveness, hydraulic management (system resistance and power loss),  operating practices that saves cost, power contracts and rates (components of electrical bills and how it affects cost), and the use of DRA (drag reducing agents).

The presenter spent some time on drag reducers which I know we don’t use and I highlighted it in my feedback that if XYZ Pipeline Line-Controllers are to attend the session, he may have to spend more time on XYZ Pipeline related operational need like hydraulic management (which he did a good job on in the main presentation). 

Overall, the session was very informative. The presenter is very knowledgeable about pipeline operations; he is articulate and practical in his approach to the subject, he encouraged participation and he is an effective communicator. I belief the product movement department can gain from his wealth of experience in pipeline operation.