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Student Comments from Oil and Gas Pipeline Fundamentals - September 26th & 27th

Six students attended this class.  Comments from the students included the following:

  • Wow, that horizontal directional drilling video is awsome.
  • Loved the section about safety and ensuring the coating is complete.
  • Solid overview.  This was proably the lesson I know least about. - about Economics.
  • Intresting to see what controller's hydraulic tools look like.
  • Questions kept us engaged, which is nice.
  • Loved the construction videos.
  • Videos are excellent.
  • Very through.
  • Great class, Tom.  Really appreciate someone with your experience sharing what you know with us who are new to the industry.
  • Loved the LSPI slides.
  • I especially liked ghow you tell the story with photos.
  • I really appreciate seeing the smart pig interface.
  • Smart pig video was great.
  • Liked info about pipes/fittings, etc.
  • I totally agree that knowing this can help my crediblity with the field.
  • Lilked the coverage of batching and how schedules are nomiated.