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October 1 and 2 Private Class

Tom Miesner taught Oil Pipeline Fundamentals for a major crude oil pipeline operator on October 1 and 2.  Comments for the critique sheets included the following:

  • Very good presentation - enjoyed seeing how everything works together.
  • great class! Thank you.
  • Liked seeing things from start to finish.
  • Thank you for sharing your experiences.
  • This is really helpful to a new comer to oil and gas.
  • Liked the personal stories.
  • Good videos.
  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  • Valve picture and diagrams very helpful.
  • Scada diagrams and pictures were helpful.
  • Good video of smart pig run.
  • I previously worked for Cameron - I finally understand what they do (RE valves).
  • Loved the images and graphs.
  • Enjoyed hearing about the different values, how they are used and why.
  • Was able to follow the meters, provers and samplers well.
  • Enjoyed crude operations lesson.
  • Well explained.
  • Appreciate the graphics and actual photos.
  • I like that I am able to see the equipment being used and how it works.