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May 10th and 11th Class Student Critique

Student comments from the class included the following:

  • Great to get high level overview of the big picture and then get into the parts that we are focusing on.
  • Great to understand how control rooms operate
  • Great video.
  • Nice pictures.  Great to know what the real items look like.
  • The subject matter was easy to follow and delivered in an engaging way
  • It was very helpful to see the step by step phases of the pipeline.
  • The distinction between operations and maintenance was helpful.
  • I came in knowing nothing about control rooms ans scheduling.  Now I have a good base and can diver farther with this base knowledge.
  • Helpful information to me on consuct of operations, particularly on the gas side.
  • Directional drilling and other videos were great.
  • Great MLP explaination.
  • It is a great class overall.  Thanks Tom.