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June 7th Hazardous Liquids Pipeline Control Room Class

June 7th, Tom Miesner taught the PKD Hazardous Pipeline Control Room Class to 6 recently hired controllers working at a refined products pipeline company.  

Comments included the following:

  • Gave me a better/clearer understanding of the process form a hydraulics and operational standpoint
  • Enjoyed how in depth we got with operational hydraulics
  • Got a better understanding of the application of gradients and elevations in regards to optimizing performance
  • The AOC scenarios were a great way to see how bad/quickly things can escalate
  • Got a better grasp of leak detection and feel I'm better able to perforn in that senario
  • I enjoyed teh flow and set-up of presentation - made it easier to spend all day on
  • Very informative
  • I liked how in the beginning of every subject you gas a brief basic background of the topic before going into more detail
  • I enjoyed the Advanced Operational Hydraulics lesson
  • Having multiple examples and getting everyone involved with answering complex questions was a plus
  • Central Control Room lesson was informative
  • Really liked the hydraulic profile topic
  • Case studies were awsome and instructional