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Feb 6 & 7 Oil and Gas Pipelines Class for Private Client in Houston

February 6th and 7th, Tom Miesner of PKD taught a private class in Houston for a major crude oil operating company.  Comments from the critique sheets included the following:

  • Good look at MLPs specifically
  • Really enjoyed being in the class
  • I never realized how much scada is responsible for and how much they can control and see
  • Videos were very imformative
  • Enjoyed this lesson the best - about pipeline construction
  • I especially enjoyed the laying pipe section of this lesson
  • Pictures and videos made it much easier to follow and understand
  • Very well spoken
  • Good pictures of pigs
  • Interesting to think about risk - consequences v probablity
  • Was not aware of many of these operations
  • I would recommend this class for anyone in the oil and gas industry
  • The Pipeline Construction and Facility Construction lessons would be great mini classes on their own
  • Emphasizing one dollar now, vs one dollar in the future was a great way to explain the time value of money
  • Loved the videos
  • Highlighted a lot of items I was unaware of in more detail