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Comments from Students - September 25 & 26

Seven students attended this public class in Houston.  Comments on the critique sheet included the following:

  • I really liked the pictures of the transportation types.
  • Diagrams of floating roof tanks were very good.
  • Case studies were very interesting.
  • Appreciated the comments about a couple of the components that would impact DRA
  • Very interesting to learn about how pipeline companies operate.
  • Being somewhat new to the industry it is good to have explanations of the terminology
  • Meters and provers was good. Knew about meters but not about provers.
  • I learned much more about control rooms that I thought I might understand.
  • I hear a lot about scada and this helped me with a better understanding.
  • This course has been very helpful in getting me a foundational understanding of the pipeline industry.
  • Nice videos on pipe welding.
  • Keep up the great work.
  • The videos were great - especially the HDD one.
  • I really enjoyed your class.  I now feel like I can look at a terminal and understand why it is designed that way.  Thank you so much.
  • This is the best lecture I ever had. Thank you!
  • Thank you.  I appreciate your perspective and broad knowledge of the industry.
  • The videos really solidified my understanding.
  • Great explanaition of pump and system curves.
  • Really well presented material.