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Comments from December 5 and 6 Oil and Gas Pipeline Fundamentals Class

This was a great class with lots of questions and discussions.  The day after the class, we received this e-mail from one of the attendees.

Tom - Thank you again for hosting the Pipeline Fundamentals class earlier this week. As a new engineer who just started at _________, I found this to be an excellent exposition to industry and its many nuances. 

Comments from the critique sheets included the following.

  • Tom was great.  he answered the questions in an open and honest manager. I would recommend this course.
  • The videos were excellent, the comments about how much time it takes to perform each task (video shooting time vs video time) were great supplements to give an idea of the difficulty of each.
  • Very useful information, especially for an employee of an MLP like me. - about Economics
  • Good exposure to field work that "office drones" may not get to see on a day to day basis.
  • Enjoyed seeing how the process happens in detail. - about Pipeline Construction.
  • Very good details on flow through pipelines and the parameters/variables which impact flow. - about Hydraulics and Hydraulic Tools.
  • Good intro. Enjoyed the start to finish of the hydrocarbons.
  • The pig video was great.
  • Lots of good content explaining the origin of crude to the various forms of transportation.  I appreciate the perspective.
  • Good talk on P/L integrity.
  • Those new to midstream companies should attend.
  • Not being an engineer, I appreciated Tom's explanations.
  • Liked videos and examples.
  • Interesting explanation of batching sequences.
  • I would recommend this class to new engineers and nontechnical pipeline professionals.
  • Coming from 15 years of construction and operations, this class is a great intro for anyone getting into the Oil and Gas Pipeline Industry.