Pipeline Knowledge, LLC (PKL) produces video-based training lessons. Companies incorporate these lessons into their own learning management systems. Each lesson consists of the following:

  • High definition video,
  • PDF from which clients can produce hard copy training manuals if desired, and
  • Bank of questions for assessment and validation. 

Five operating pipeline companies currently use release 1 of the Pipeline Knowledge, LLC Hazardous Liquids Control Room class consisting of 8 lessons which together equal 9 hours of training.  Release 2 is currently in production.

Video Classes

Release 2 - Hazardous Liquids Pipeline Control Room Video Based Training Program

Release 2 of the Hazardous Liquids Control Room Class is available now.  Currently in use by 6 hazardous liquids pipeline operating companies,…

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Sample Video Lessons

Leak Detection
Advanced Oil Hydraulics
Central Control Room Operations
Hanging a Valve
Natural Gas Flaring
Pipeline Integrity Management
Abnormal Operations
Oil and Gas Pipeline Fundamentals Trailer
Alternative Transportation Modes
MLP Return of Capital and Tax Basis
External Floating Roof Tanks
Flaring Natural Gas
The Future of Knowledge Transfer and Management