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July 16th and 17th Private Class in Houston

Comments written on the critique sheet included the following:

  • Great examples and explanations.
  • Really liked the video examples.
  • Loved the pig animation.
  • Good information with regards to the basic principles of midstream and understanding how crude oil and gas are processed.
  • Good information regarding the role and responsibilities of the controllers.
  • Good feedback on the aspects of field operations, both manned and unmanned.
  • Good information regarding integrity and the steps to help perform risk and mitigation.
  • Great content and great pace for easy understanding.
  • Excellent material and delivery and keep the jokes coming.
  • Very informative in common terms.
  • All topics in the equipment section were helpful.
  • Enjoyed learning about valves and how you explained each one.
  • Very interesting to know the workings and the decisions that the control room has to make.
  • You spent just the right amount of time on valves and I felt the information was very relevant to what the purpose of the class was.
  • Good to know how the gas side works as well as the crude oil side.
  • Nice to know background on oil and gas.
  • I liked the step by step showing pig runs.
  • Enjoyed the class. Coming from the industrial gas industry, crude is foreign.  Thank you for explaining where I could understand.
  • Good information on the steps in construction, and great visual aids.
  • Good job Tom.  There is so much to learn but never enough time.  Thank you for the time you took explaining.
  • Very informative.  Loved the visuals, explanations, and jokes.