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Comments from Recent Students

When asked what they liked best about our recent WebEx classes students said...

  • Learning about the 4 C's
  • Knowledge learned to help with my training.
  • It is interactive
  • Amount of information available to us.
  • Getting back to the basics and the pre-recorded lecture
  • Learning how the process of oil is made was very interesting.
  • Defined learning objectives, videos and structured training
  • The visuals provided in the slides
  • All of the information
  • Great amount of information taught by highly experienced instructor
  • Instructors knowledge and style.
  • I like the pace and the material covered
  • Tom responding to questions as they came up
  • Live narration during the video
  • Explaining the technologies and terminologies used
  • Very solid overview and nice to get the differences between oil and natural gas operations
  • Instructor's depth of knowledge.
  • Photos and videos were incredibly helpful in understanding the material presented.
  • The video demonstrations with the commentary to explain what was happening.