Oil Pipeline Operating Fundamentals - Presentation made at the 2018 AOPL Business Conference where Tom Miesner talks about crude oil gauging, crude oil and refined products mainline operations, refined products terminals, crude oil and refined products batching and line operations, and pigging.

Evolving Midstream Investment Environment- Exerpts from a webinar presented by Tom Miesner where he presents his views on investing in the oil and gas midstream industry.

The Future of Knowledge Transfer and Management - A portion of Tom Miesner's talk opening the 2017 Pipeline Control Room Forum.

Right of Waying - Preparing the right of way for the main spread to come through.

Flaring Natural Gas - Releasing natural gas from a transmission line to allow line repair.

External Floating Roof Tanks

MLP Return of  Capital and Tax Basis

Alternative Transportation Modes

Oil and Gas Pipeline Fundamentals Trailer

Video Clips of Station Construction

Abnomal Operations

Pipeline Integrity Management

Natural Gas Flaring

Hanging a Valve

Central Control Room Operations

Advanced Oil Hydrauilics

Leak Detection - Consequences of enhanced leak detection