Pipeline Knowledge, LLC now offers the lessons listed below via our corporate WebEx platform. Classes are all instructor led and taught using a combination of Power Point slides, pictures and videos.  The length ranges from 30 to 120 minutes depending on the topic.

Public classes, open to everyone are offered periodically and private classes are taught at mutually convenient time.  Students receive an electronic pdf of the slides for reference.  

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Available lessons

  • Introduction to Midstream
  • Oil and Gas Midstream Fundamentals
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Facility Construction
  • Pipe, Coatings, Valves and Actuators
  • Pumps, Motors, Variable Speed Drives and Control Valves
  • Meters, Provers, and Samplers
  • Storage - Above Ground and Under Ground
  • Instruments and Station Equipment
  • Oil Control Room Operations
  • Scada and Controls
  • Hydraulics and Hydraulic Tools
  • Pipeline Economics
  • U. S. Pipeline Regulations
  • Introduction to Pipeline Integrity
  • Engineering and Design
  • Introduction to Leak Detection
  • Pipeline Energy Management
  • Team Training
  • Improving Operational Collaboration