Release 2 - Hazardous Liquids Pipeline Control Room Video Based Training Preview May 23

On May 23, Pipeline Knowledge, LLC will hold a preview event in Houston open to all oil pipeline operating companies. 

The event will demonstrate Release 2 of the Pipeline Knowledge, LLC Hazardous Liquids Pipeline Control Room Video Based Training. 

Capacity is limited to 20.  Oil pipeline operating companies may request one complimentary admission per company.   

Release 1 is currently in use by 5 oil pipeline operating companies.  Release 1 details.

Release 2

Release 2 includes, 

  • an updated video format,
  • clear learning objective for each lesson,
  • 3 additional lessons, Introductions to the Control Room Series, Control Room Management, Alarm Management, and
  • additional videos inbedded in the lessons.

Release 2 also separates the Equipment and Components lesson into 4 sublessons for easier viewing, along with more videos of the equipment.

This web page will be updated with more details as release 2 continues in production.

For more information about Release 1 or 2, or to purchase Release 1 now and receive a complimentary upgade to Release 2, please contact, Tom Miesner