Public Class

Currently Oil and Gas Pipelines for NonTechnical Professional is offered publicly four times per year in Houston.

Oil and Gas Pipelines for Non-Technical Professionals is designed specifically for those who are employed by oil and gas pipeline companies in accounting, financial, and other support capacities such as HR, legal, supply chain and PR.  It is also valuable for those who work for companies which provide support services and support products and software to oil and gas pipeline companies. 

The class is intended as a thorough introduction to the industry to allow financial support people to better understand and more effectively interface with their operating, engineering, marketing, and business development counterparts.  The class is one and a half days long and is comprised of the following 13 lessons:

  • Introduction to Midstream
  • Equipment and Components 1 - Pipes,Fittings,  Coatings, Valves, and Actuators
  • Equipment and Components 2 - Pumps, Compressors, Motors, Engines, Turbins, and Variable Speed Drives
  • Equipment and Components 3 - Meters, Provers, Samplers, Tank, and  Caverns
  • Equipment and Components 4 - Instruments, Pigging, and Auxiliarly Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Midstream Field Operations
  • Central Control Room Operations
  • Scada and Controls
  • US Pipeline Regulations
  • Introduction to Pipeline Integrity
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Facility Construction         
  • Pipeline Economics

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