Pipeline News

Comments from the class participants included the following:

  • The valve information was very useful as I hear these terms in construction and operations meetings, but have never seen a picure of what they were.
  • It was great to be able to link the reasoning behind scada with what I already know.
  • It was great seeing the LACT units, meters, provers, vapor recovery units.  I have heard of these and appreciate getting to see and learn more about them.
  • Videos were great.
  • Really enjoyed the pictures.
  • Good coverage on standards.  
  • You answered my questions on PHMSA regions before I even asked it.
  • I will be writing up recommendations for my department to have others attend this class.
  • I can use this information for assisting in building tools for identifying critical facilities.
  • Great information.  I wish I had taken this course earlier - it would have helped me understand faster.
  • I like the references to the web sties.  I think everyone should be aware of this content.
  • I always heard of running a pig but never knew what one looked like.
  • My favorite video was HDD