Pipeline News

December 2, PKD taught a customzed class for a pipeline operator in LA. Topics included the following:

  • Scada and Controls
  • Control Room Operations
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Facility Construction
  • Economics
  • Integrity 1
  • Hydraulic Tools

Comments from the participants included the following:

  • I enjoyed this course.  It provided a great overview.  I would like to follow up wiht more advanced training - Pipelines 301??
  • Great information.  Great information for questions asked during the presentations.
  • Great examples.  Brought clear examples to something I did not know about - about Economics module.
  • Very informative great explainations of technical terms.
  • Gave us a good reference to read more about definitions and regulations.
  • Enjoyed the topic and understanding what a control room operator does.
  • The material was helpful in understanding how to build a pipeline.
  • The videos helped a lot to show the process.
  • The tour review was very helpful and a great way to kick off the class.
  • Very g00d - step by stope easy to follow guide on construction.
  • I liked the videos included in the Facility section.
  • Allowed a better understanding of how our scada system works.
  • As a recruiter in HR I do not often get a chance to be exposed to detailed explainations of our operations and systems - very helpful class.
  • The course was very informative.  The modules were structured to aide in ganing a greater understanding of pipelines and construction.
  • Great section - nice to learn about the money side of the business.
  • Great overview of what happens in the control room and the importance of the operators.