Pipeline News

March 24th and 25th, Tom Miesner taught his 147th class since Pipeline Knowledge started presenting classes in 2008.

Comments from the students included the following:

  • Very interesting and insightful - breaks down the topic very well.
  • Tom is great at simplifying the role of each device in the pipeline system.
  • My day to day does not involve control rooms but this was an eye opening topic.
  • Great work flow with useful and interesting information.
  • Information presented in a manner that made it easy to understand.
  • Great videos and interesting information presented.
  • Thank you for including helpful resources.
  • Wonderful.
  • Your do a great job of explaining every step of operations.
  • Great overview and it now makes sense why pumps and valves are placed at certain locations.
  • I like understanding the economic factors that drive the purchase and construction of assets.
  • Awsome information - came away with a "walla" movement - about Hydraulics and Hydraulic Tools lesson.
  • Great videos and pictures.
  • I learned a lot about pipeline specific economics.