Expert Testimony

In addition to litigation consulting, PkD provides reports and testimony by recognized pipeline experts.  Our experts understand the industry but more importantly, they can communicate that knowledge and know how to conduct themselves during depositions and direct testimony.  One caveat, our experts must believe in your case for us to accept the assignment.

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Selected expert reports and testimony include:

  • Performed litigation consulting and provided an expert report in conjunction with litigation involving a crude oil pipeline release near Chicago.
  • Performed litigation consulting in connection with refined pipeline tariff and rate matters in a case at the FERC.
  • Performed litigation consulting regarding scada and control room operations in connection with a refined products release.
  • Performed litigation consulting in connection with a crude oil release caused by others in which the plaintive pipeline company sought to recover damages.
  • Performed litigation consulting and offered expert opinions regarding rights of first refusal and pipeline valuation.
  • Performed litigation consulting for a pipeline company in connection with settlement discussions with the DOJ and EPA following a crude oil release.
  • Performed litigation consulting for a shipper in a case at the FERC relative to pipeline apportionment procedures and practices.
  • Performed litigation consulting relative to rights of way and construction related damages in Pennsylvania.
  • Performed litigation consulting, expert analysis, and expert testimony for a natural gas pipeline operating company regarding scada and controls in connection with a natural gas pipeline release and explosion.
  • Performed litigation consulting for a pipeline operating company relative to ROW marking and excavation issues in connection with outside force damage of a refined products pipeline. 
  • Performed ligation consulting for a pipeline firm bringing suit for pollution cleanup against another pipeline firm in connection with a refined product release.
  • Performed expert analysis of claims for an insurance company relative to engineering and construction related settlement.
  • Provided litigation consulting to shipper regarding cost control and cost allocation of a leased pipeline system transporting chemical feedstocks.
  • Filed Expert Testimony, provided consultation, submitted Expert Report, and Testified in an arbitration dispute relating to provisions within an Operating Agreement for a crude oil pipeline in Turkey.
  • Provided litigation consulting to chemicals plant relative to delivery of excess liquids by a natural gas pipeline company.
  • Consulted with a shipper in relation to tariff rules and regulations for a California crude oil pipeline.
  • Submitted Expert Report and provided consulting services to plaintiff attorney in securities litigation regarding the economic impact of a crude oil release in Alaska – Case 2.
  • Provided consultation to reports submitted by Experts on behalf of a natural gas pipeline company in litigation regarding California natural gas pipeline capacity and market manipulation.
  • Advised and consulted a refined products pipeline company during litigious proceedings at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regarding various refined products pipeline capacity allocation issues for a Texas pipeline.
  • Prepared Expert Report and provided consultation to plaintiff attorney during securities litigation regarding the economic impact of a crude oil release in Alaska – Case 1.
  • Provided litigation consulting to plaintiff attorney in regards to issues of valuation associated with the buyout of a pipeline Master Limited Partnership.
  • Advised and consulted Shippers on litigious dispute regarding proper accounting methods for crude oil inventory methods for a pipeline extending from the U.S Gulf Coast to the Midcontinent.
  • Provided consultation to a pipeline company for litigation in regard to the acquisition of an Illinois crude oil pipeline right of way.
  • Consulted plaintiff attorney relating to the punitive damages associated with a refined products pipeline release in Kansas.
  • Provided advice and consultation to developer during pre-litigation phases of a dispute relating to the location of a natural gas pipeline in Missouri.
  • Prepared Expert Report, was deposed, and filed Direct Testimony for a Shipper during arbitration relating to the interpretation of an Operating Agreement and remuneration to the Operator under that Agreement for a pipeline located in Louisiana.
  • Advised and consulted the U.S. Department of Justice during litigation in relation to a crude oil release on the Heinz National Wildlife Refuge in Pennsylvania.
  • Submitted Expert Report and consulted for plaintiff attorney in litigation regarding Olympic Pipeline Business Interruption Insurance.
  • Prepared Expert Report and provided consulting services to defense attorney for litigation relating to the Olympic Pipeline bankruptcy.