Distance Training Via Webex

Clients can receive any or all of PKD's pipeline training lessons or classes via the PKD WebEx Training webex instructor led facilitated format.  It is easy and convenient.  

How does Instructor led PKD WebEx Training work?

PKD sends a link to the client.  Attendees log into the site via the link and call the number provide for the audio portions.  Questions are asked via a chat box or directly on the conference line.  Prior to the class clients receive pdfs of the training slides printed 4 to a page in landscape format for review during the class. 

How many students can attend any one class?

The number of students is not limited, but the number of locations that can simultaneously attend is limited to 4. For clarity, four different locations can connect to the site at one time to attend the training. For example, there can be 4 people in a conferenece room located in Calgary connected, 6 in a conference room in London, 1 at their computer in Madrid, and 10 in a conference room New York.  Aternatiely, there could be 1 person at their computer at each of these locations.

How do I pay for the classes?

Payment is made via credit or procurement card, bank wire or via ACH, whichever the client chooses.

What does the client do?

  • Download and select one or more topics from this list.

  • Download this training request form.

  • Complete the request form and send it to tom@pipelineknowledge.com.

  • You will be contacted to scheduled the date and time for the training.

These modules are the same Power Points and videos used during the instructor led courses, but it is no longer necessary to travel, reducing costs.  The training can be scheduled at convenient times over a series of days increasing the convenience and providing more scheduling flexability.

What is the break evenpoint for using PKD WebEx Training vs having a private class at my loction?

The break even point depends on the amount of travel time and expense saved but it typically around 3 students.

Can just one person take these classes?

One person can sign up for the classes but the cost will typically be more than just attending the public courses.  If students only need one or two classes the PKW Webex format will be less expensive than attending the entire public classes.

If an individual wants to take one of two of the classes, is there a training option for individuals?

Yes, these classes are offerred via the Missouri University of Science and Technology MO S&T.  They will be avialble soon via Petrolessons.com.  The on-line classes hosted by MO S & T are intended for an indivual versus the WebEx classes which are intended for groups.

For more information please send an inquiry to tom@pipelineknowledge.com or call 512-710-6069.