Business Development

PkD works with both pipeline companies and those wishing to do business with pipeline companies. 

One example is a pipeline company with a number of business opportunities and a thin business development staff.  PkD met with the client and jointly agreed on project division and scope.  The client took the lead on some projects and PkD led others with frequent check backs and reports to the client.  When the project neared completion the client's management assumed responsibility for the project and PkD played a support role to finish the project.  In all cases PkD emphasizes close involvement by pipeline management since they are accountable for long term management of the venture.

Another example is a natural gas production company seeking to develop a pipeline project with a pipeline operator.  In this case PkD worked with the client to first educate them regarding the pipeline business. PkD then helped clarify the client's key needs and developed draft agreements based on generic models already in hand.  Throughout negations PkD assisted, providing the production company with the pipeline operating knowledge they needed to reach a favorable agreement with robust safeguards for the future.  PkD oftern leads negotiations but believes strongly the client who is ultimately left with long term management of the business must be intimately involved in the negotiations and development process.

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